Fire Door Inspection

Providing you with on-going regulating compliance & peace of mind.

What is covered during our fire door inspection?

During fire door inspection our technician inspects each component of the fire door assembly including:

  • Door leaf
  • Door frame
  • Gaps
  • Hinges
  • Vision panel
  • Letter plate
  • Intumescent Strips and Cold Smoke Seals
  • Fire Safety Signage
  • Door closer
  • Door sequencer
  • Hold open device

Upon completion of the fire door inspection, a report is produced detailing the condition of each door, including the areas of non-compliance and all remedial works that are required in order to get each door to a compliant state. This report also creates a database and asset register for future on-going inspections.

The Journey


Arrange for an inspection.


Provide us with copies of all plans of the building/s.


We will carry out a Fire Door Register.


We will then carry out a full Fire Door Inspection on site.


A detailed report is written up and sent to you.


Report includes user friendly schedules of work for contractors to price and implement the work.

The key benefits of choosing Consultancy & Design UK Ltd for your Fire Door Inspections

In-House Team

No Conflict of Interest

UK Coverage

Quality Assured