Fire Risk Management

Ensuring that Fire Risk is managed correctly

Fire Risk Management is one of the most important aspects of fire safety in the workplace. In order to manage it competently, it is important to ensure that there is a Fire Risk Management plan in place.

What does Fire Risk Management Entail?

The management of fire in the workplace is a daunting responsibility. We work with our clients to ensure that every fire related risk is managed. We understand what the risks are, what the potential impacts would be, and how all of these things can be controlled.

We will help you to implement a plan so that each risk is controlled to ensure minimal impact. The risk from a fire can affect every industry so it is important that you have a robust approach to Fire Risk Management.

Fire Risk Management typically focuses on the following subjects:

  • A Quality Fire Risk Assessment
  • An Efficient Fire Evacuation Strategy

  • Relevant Staff Training

  • Accurate Compartmentation Surveys

  • Reliable Fire Safety Systems


The Key Benefits of Choosing Consultancy & Design UK Ltd for your Fire Risk Management

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